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Anxiety? Bullying? Low Self Esteem? Corporate Team Management and Leadership? Interpersonal Relationship Strengthening and Conflict Resolution?

Winston Churchill has been credited with the comment that “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.” I see this almost everyday and continue to be amazed by the influence sharing time with a horse has on people. Annette Crooks has been a long time friend and client of mine and I am pleased to share the mission she has adopted to combine her experience and expertise in Human Resource Management with her expertise and passion for horses, along with her friend and Licensed Professional Counselor Glinda Digiacinto, to help people solve their problems by interacting with horses. All of her sessions are performed on the ground, no riding or prior horse handling experience required and the service is certified by the Equine-Assissted Growth and Learning Association (EAGLA).

Patience and presence, being completely immersed in the moment and situation that is in front of you RIGHT NOW, are only part of the depth of life a horse can bring to a person. The saying, “Each of us needs all of us, and all of us needs each of us”, may never be more applicable than when dealing with a horse. While I don’t think I could ever fully describe the relationship that develops between man and equine, and especially woman and equine, it is unique, with components and characteristics which translate so seamlessly into relationships with not only other people, but probably more importantly with SELF, perhaps the most frightening relationship of all. Do you fear the horse stepping on your foot? Is he doing it now? Do you believe he wants to step on your foot? So take the belief that the horse doesn’t want to step on your foot, learn to put yourself in a position to avoid having your foot stepped on, and overcome the fear that may be inhibiting you from enjoying the life experience which allows you to take the next step in our life journey. Yes, it will hurt if the horse does step on your foot, but. like most pain, it is temporary (even if you lose a few toenails, trust me, I KNOW!). As legendary horseman Ray Hunt stated, ” The horse will teach you if you will listen.” Thanks for stopping by!