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A show titled “Wild About Animals” would seem to suggest it has an emphasis and appeal to those possibly interested in animal health and stories of animals and since I’m a veterinarian maybe some of the odd stories of what goes on in the life of a veterinarian day-to-day, yet the show is under “Self Help” in iTunes (I think, still don’t have it all figured out). I classified the show under “Self Help” for several reasons, including that I believe there are a lot of life lessons learned from non-human animals, and the people I am around who really embrace the joy of their animals and the pride and joy in taking care of their animals generally flows over into other aspects of their lives. The irony of this episode is that I was REALLY interested and extremely excited to interview the lady who was chronicling California Chrome about California Chrome and sharing with you the care the horse receives, the character of the horse, and some of the ways he has impacted the lives of the people surrounding him. What you will hear in this interview is some indication of the Chrome character, but what ended up unfolding was an amazing example of the power of intention and visualization in the story of my guest, Kathleen Waldvogel.

Kathleen Waldvogel is an artist. Her work and services can be found at her website, http://www.forestbirdphotos.com, though her blog on California Chrome has moved to America’s Best Racing (www.americasbestracing.net). I find her story fascinating in that she has personally employed so many suggestions in the self-help world to create a place in the stable of a race horse and his story which has captured America this past year. First, after leaving the corporate world, she decided to do something SHE enjoyed, spending time with her horse, and her camera. Second, she got a coach. Third, she used the arrogant action of an old flame to set an intention, and then allowed things to fall into place. When the opportunity she desired presented itself, her intention became a reality because her heart was in the right place. While the intention was hers, and she had self-interest, the motivation of the intention had at its foundation the larger motivation of service to others.

The horse world can be portrayed and can in actuality be a world of aloofness and exclusion. Other industries, be they other facets of the entertainment world such as sports or stage, banking, law, real estate, I can think on and on about those groups of people who have seemed to be more EXclusive rather than INclusive. However, in every industry there are those who choose to be inviting and inclusive, and while they may or may not have the biggest house or the biggest bank roll or other material suggestions of success, they often have the biggest lives, and while not completely void of challenges and disruptions, there is a peace and joy and sense of personal satisfaction and self-worth which evolves from the advancement of others. As Zig Ziegler said, “You can have everything you want by helping enough people get what they want.” I think the story of Kathleen and Art Sherman and California Chrome provides an enlightening example of what can happen when intention is followed with action. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

By the way, I do intend to do a follow-up with Kat and share the character of Chrome and the team behind him in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for stopping by!