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Somewhere around 10-12 years ago I got a call from an Arabian horse farm in Waco regarding a very valuable stallion who had severe laminitis. The horse had been at a university and had been discharged with “interesting” recommendations, and the French Canadian stallion manager was insistent on me seeing the horse immediately. I drove the 2 hours to the farm that night and found a stunning Arabian stallion who could stand up for about 15 seconds, touch both front feet to the ground, then lay back down on the deep straw bedding. I asked the stallion manager if the horse was insured, and when he replied yes, I informed him that if this was about money, the horse would surely meet any insurance company’s criteria for euthanasia. His reply was that this was NOT about the money, it was about saving the horse, “that is why we called you!” We went to work that night, did immediate surgery, and I have been fully blessed to have a relationship with the outstanding people and horses of Arabians LTD ever since. Yes, the stallion survived and I still am taking care of him and his now near normal, healthy, sound feet, every 5 weeks, along with a few others at the farm.

Over the years I have been able to get to know owner Judy Sirbasku’s “right hand woman”, Shawn Crews, but I never knew fully Shawn’s story. I have learned she is a phenomenal showman and evaluator of Arabian horses. I have learned she travels all over the world, working with owners and breeders to perpetuate the success of Arabians LTD and the Arabian breed. She is both tough as nails and as soft and caring as Mother Theresa. She is a relentless worker and a studious businesswoman, and to say she keeps me both challenged and motivated as a health care professional may be the understatement of the century. But I never knew “Her Story”. I kind of figured she was like a lot of people in high places in the horse world, raised in a “horsey” family, developed as a trainer and exhibitor, and progressed into a management roll. Well, part of that is true.

You see, we live in a land of opportunity, not a land of entitlement. This is a lesson I embraced at an early age. No one owes you anything, other than an opportunity. Sometimes recognizing the opportunity only occurs in hindsight, and those occasions should be learned from, but certainly not dwelt upon, or another opportunity may be missed. In this episode, I share with you the story of how Shawn got an opportunity she really wasn’t looking for, but now can see in retrospect how it became the opportunity of a lifetime. Now, through persistence (oh, some might say a little hard-headedness, but surely not me!), diligence, acceptance and realization she has built a lifetime of opportunity and helped to build the WORLD leader in Egyptian Arabian horses in Waco, Texas!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to lift my game to the level required to be of benefit to the people and horses of Arabians LTD. One of the things we discuss in the interview is the upcoming Fall Seminar the farm is having. I don’t have, nor have I had, clients who work any harder to help their clients and those interested in horses become more knowledgeable and experienced horsemen than does Shawn and her crew. Whether you are interested in horses or not, the business principles and attitude of service exemplified at the farm can be beneficial, and i encourage you to contact and even visit the Arabians LTD team. Thanks for sharing Shawn Crews! And thanks to you for stopping by!