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I had a fantastic trip to Salt Lake City for the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual meeting! I am not much of one for getting out of town, takes a lot to schedule animal care and clinic duties, and was not terribly enthusiastic about attending the meeting. However, once in SLC, I turned on my happy attitude and was really appreciative of the beauty of the city at Christmas time, the fantastic weather we had while there, and enjoyed the heck out of visiting with friends of many years (one of the many advantages of aging os more great memories of great times with great friends!). Oh, and the continuing education meetings were informative and encouraging. Lots of interesting products and procedures becoming available to help people and their horses.

Speaking of friends, have you heard the cost of boarding Bentley, the pet dog belonging to nurse Nina Pham who was exposed to Ebola in Dallas? Regardless the cost, I bet knowing Bentley was being cared for was a tremendous boost to Nina as she fought through her Ebola experience. Kudos to Dallas for doing a great job in listening to experts and allowing the reunion of Miss Pham and Bentley!

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