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Not a misspelling! My friend Bob Moore joins us today with his amazing story. Bob has logged over 23,000,000 (yes, over 23 million) steps since 2006. In his mid 70’s, Bob confesses he moved to East Texas to die, and instead, he found life. Two parts of his new lease on life are the Vemma nutrition products, especially the Verve energy drink (www.drbruce.vemma.com), and his dog Daisy. Bob and Daisy walk and walk and walk. Mix with water and a low carb diet and Bob reduced his weight by over 40 lbs and has a laboratory profile found in fit forty year olds! He has become the poster “child” for senior wellness in East Texas and is just a great guy who I am really glad I’ve had some time to get to know!

So as we approach Christmas time, consider TIME. You can give your dog all the treats and goofy costumes in the world, but man, doesn’t he like that time with you more than anything? So take the guy on a walk, Be like Bob! Your horse, mine all come to the fence for a pet on the nose or neck. They too appreciate a little time. Now, a case I saw in the month of December made me think one gift most horses would appreciate would be a good dental exam and care as indicated. The poor old mare I saw was in bad shape and had been for several months as the owner sought advice and help from feed store employees and kept switching feeds to find a magic formula. Fact was, her dentition was preventing adequate mastication and an infected molar was leading to her progressive demise. And then there’s the cat. Well, cats appreciate a little time with them also, when it’s their idea. Maybe a scratching post would be a good choice for the cat in your life, and a little time, when they decide it’s time.

I think one of the things that separates our animal friends from our human friends (and family) is time. While animals definitely appreciate a schedule and routine, they make no demands (well, accept that cat, they have their ways). They appreciate when we give them our time, and with few exceptions, they reward our time with performance. Have you ever seen the retriever give it up before the thrower? A good horse responds by going and going and going, and what beats the purr and kneading of the good kitty cat who finally decides, it’s time? So as we enjoy Christmas time, perhaps we can be IN JOY more by being appreciative of the time people choose to spend with us. But if that doesn’t work, pee on the carpet and see if that doesn’t get you a little more time and attention. Merry Christmas! And thank you for your time!

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